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 La Chiave (Pronounced La-Key-Ave') means "The Key" in Italian.

"The Key" to your Health and Performance!

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Breakfast Items


*Super Foods Omelet





 Free Range Egg Omelet -Stuffed with Kale, Carrots, Beets, Feta Cheese,

Adzuki Beans, Bolivian Quinoa drizzled in fresh organic Mango Salsa and Fresh Tomato

A Low Glycemic breakfast rich in vitamins- minerals –fiber & phytonutrients & low in Calories

Protein: 15g (25%) Carbohydrate: 30g (50%) Fat: 7.5g (25%)

 Lunch Items  $5.89

* Acai Super Food Salad

Fresh Organic Green Kale-Bolivian Red Quinoa-Edamame- Carrots- Beets-Almonds-Acai-Garlic-Lemon- Ginger-Adzuki Beans

The Original Super Food Salad- Lo Glycemic -rich in vitamins- minerals –fiber-phytonutrients & antioxidants low in Calories

Protein: 40g (35%) Carbohydrate: 51g (45%) Fat: 7.5g (20%)


* Acai Super Food Salad Dressing 10oz Jar

Dinner  or  Lunch


*Super Foods Mango Salsa Burrito








 Free Range Chicken -Gluten Free Tortillas, Adzuki Beans, Bolivian Red Quinoa, Green Kale, Feta Cheese

 Drizzled in fresh organic Mango Salsa and Garnished with Carrot- Beets and Tomato

Best Eaten After Workout.  Higher in Carbohydrates, but good  Complex Carbs with Fiber &Micronutrients.  Slower digesting.  Lower Insulin response. Great Energy!

A flavor packed meal served anytime- lo Glycemic -rich in vitamins- minerals –fiber-phytonutrients & low in Calories

Protein:28g (26%) Carbohydrate: 60g (56%) Fat: 9g (18%)


*Thai Chicken Pizza on Gluten Free Honey Wheat Crust

Free Range Chicken - Organic Thai Peanut Sauce -Gluten Free Crust- Powered with Kale-Carrots-Sprouts-Zucchini- Beets-Garlic-Lemon-

Great 1-4 hour Post Workout meal- replaces precious carbohydrates and protein. This one is addictive!  

 Per 2 slices -Protein: 13g (20%) Carbohydrate: 38g (50%) Fat: 10g (30%)


*Super Foods Spring Rolls (3)


Fresh Organic Spinach- Cream Cheese-Carrots-Cucumber-Zucchini- Chili Pique-Island Teriyaki

A Unique Low Glycemic, Nutrient Packed Snack, for your snacking needs.   Great to go snack to hold you over!

 Fresh Greens with plenty of Color -Alkaline Foods to support your health.

This is a great snack before a Long FFA Workout to promote Fat Metabolism

Per Roll Nutrition: Protein: 1.5g (7%) Carbohydrate: 10g (43%) Fat: 5g (50%)


*Nutritious Desert- Carrot Cake with Real Carrots and Protein Burst!

Greet the Sweet Tooth with something Nutritious. You would never know IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Fresh Organic Carrots- Whey Protein-Cream Cheese- and Fiber to slow insulin response and lower acidity.

A Unique dessert. Compared nutrition to a Cliff Bar, but a much more Decadent Pleasure!  Great pick me up snack to hold you over!

This is a great snack after an intense NMF workout- within the first Hour Post Exercise- to replace Metabolized Muscle Sugar (Glycogen)

Protein: 8g (10%) Carbohydrate: 48g (50%) Fat: 18g (40%)

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Our Foods are Performance based and delicious -Alkaline Foods to support your health.  

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