Step 1     What is Your Current Composition?
Enter your Scale Weight in Pounds? Your Weight in Kilo's is:            
Enter Your Body Fat Percent % Your Fat Mass (FM) is: Pounds Your Lean Mass (LM) is: Pounds  
Would you Like to Metabolize> <Pounds of Fat ?              
Change You Weight to> Pounds? Preserve Lean Mass of> and reduce Fat Mass to just> Pounds?  
This change would lower your body Fat to: Even if you have much more to reduce you still must do it a little at a time to be sustainable!
Make the Change Today, it is never too late to perform better, running, biking, paddling, swimming or just lower the stress of life.
Facts: Your Lean Mass is everything other than Fat! Your LM represents your Heart- Lungs- Brain-Bones-Pancreas-Liver-Skin ect.
If you want to perform better or be leaner and healthier you must Exercise and Feed your Lean Mass while Metabolizing your Fat Mass!
As we age past 25yrs we start to lose Lean Mass (LM) and gain Fat Mass (FM). Our Ratio of FM to LM increases if we let it. You can affect this….
Step 2     What do You Metabolize?
How do you Metabolize> <Pounds of Fat?          
First you Must Start Feeding your > <Pound Lean Mass (LM)!    
You Must Get Enough Complete Protein everyday. Protein is the center of each and every meal you eat! Protein is Non-Negotiable!
You must get a minimum of> <Grams of Quality Complete Protein or more depending on your workload!
Your Base Metabolic Rate will range from Calories a day up to    
Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) is what your body needs BEFORE Exercise or Training! BMR will Vary depending on stress levels and activities.
You want to metabolize or utilize just > <Calories of your Fat Fuel every 4-6 weeks till your composition is optimal!
Remember- You may need to Metabolize 40 lbs of FAT, but you will do it 1 pound at a time! Look at it this way
Step 3     What do you Feed?  What do you Train?  Balance?
Learn How To Balance Your Bodies interaction with Food and Activity
Enter Duration in Hours you Exercised or Trained Today? You burned approximately Calories    
Feed the Need, what did you Burn? What do you replace? Intensity & Duration dictate Nutrition. We can teach you this!
Your Base Nutrient Need (BNN) Calories  
Intensity Carb g's Burned Fat g's Burned Protein g Carb g Fatg Total   We Call it:
60-70% of my Max Heart Rate   FFA
75-80% of my Max Heart Rate   Easy
80- 90% of my Max Heart Rate   VvO2
90% + RACE   NMF
Remember- This would Keep you in Balance, Join Our Seminars to find out HOW to Burn Fat and Reduce FM!
Step 4     Reduce Carbohydrate and Fat Slightly, By Day, By Activity, No Drastic Reductions.
Your Base Nutrient Need (BNN) 20% 40% 40%       Calories Weekly  
Intensity Carb g's Burned Fat g's Burned Protein g Var+/- Carb g Var+/- Fatg Var+/- Total Var+/- Rate We Call it:
60-70% of my Max Heart Rate         FFA
Actual Days Meal Totals    
75-80% of my Max Heart Rate           Easy
Actual Days Meal Totals    
80- 90% of my Max Heart Rate         VvO2
Actual Days Meal Totals    
90% + RACE           NMF
Actual Days Meal Totals         0  
This Program is Designed to be Taught in a Seminar Environment to Fully Understand what these values Mean. It its all about a Balanced Metabolism!
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